A speech of Republic India Celebration Happy Wishes

Before I begin my speech, I wish you all Happy Day 2017. It has been my privilege to have the opportunity to address you on this occasion. They are 65 years since our Constitution came into force. In these 65 years, our country has gone through a long journey of change. I’m going to shed some light on the history of our country.
Before the year 1600 lived a quiet life, although there were disputes between some states, but did not bother the ordinary citizens at all. But when in 1600, the company reached India East India, things began to change. Slowly they began taking their hands to the leadership of our country and until 1800 were fully in control of the British government.
In 1857, some real patriots rose for the country and began a revolution against the British Raj. After a very long and different time-different revolution in several places, we finally liberated on August 15, 1947. Then rules and regulations were needed to run the country. Thus, a committee, which was given the drafting work of the Constitution of India was organized.
After the constitution was ready took effect from January 26, 1950, since then, every year we remember and celebrate this auspicious day as our Happy Republic Day Wishes. This day is called because India has become a republic country that day.
When we become a country of the republic, things have begun to change. The country was in control of the people of the country. The elections started and people chose their representative. We certainly made a lot of improvements after becoming a republic, but many problems such as corruption and unemployment have grown rapidly. So we have to find the solution to these problems, so only our country can become the best place on earth to live.

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